Facts about African Hair – Kathy Lo-Pinto

Facts about African Hair

We Cannot Change our Biological Structure of Hair however we can make a difference !!

This Picture Shows How Fragile African/Black People type hair is.

Would YOU Brush that?     NO!!!

Black people type Hair Will Always be Fragile and Delicate, this is why No More Brushing.

OXX Products will reduce Breakage if you follow the standards:

– no more brushing, especially for relaxed hair

– No tight Hairstyle, it will cause Alopecia and breakage

– No Flexi-rods

– Braids break Relaxed Hair faster than Natural Hair

– Extensions and weaves cause Alopecia and breakage

– Colour does not go well with chemical, this also includes a Rinse

– No Mesh or Cotton or Wool Headwear

– Do Not Oil the Scalp, Every Human being produces oil naturally called Sebum. It is your hair that needs the moisturizing. NOT your scalp!

– No Elastics for Relaxed Hair Especially, No Pins That Clamp on the Hair, No Clips That Clamp on the Hair

– Only use Comb with large wide Tooth Comb : during the week, use comb to lift the roots only, Groom with hands and fingers for the rest of Hair – See Video explanation HERE

– Use Satin or Silk Headwear

Does OXX guarantee 100% satisfaction?

Yes!!! Use the OXX products with the OXX practices (such as no brushing etc.) and you will be guaranteed a fabulous head of hair

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