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 2 years ago I started my fitness journey and became an online Motivational Fitness coach. 

I soon realized the opportunity to work from home while inspiring others to do the same, couldn't be more easier and FUN! 

I wanted to create a life of purpose. Something I could look forward to pursuing every morning. But could I do all of this and make additional income on the side? 100% YES you can! Let me be frank. You DO NOT make killer money right out of the gate. Becoming an entrepreneur takes time, patience and effort. Just like our fitness journey, you must show up for your business and put in as much time and effort as you can.

 You must trust the process!!!

You must continuously learn!!!

You must keep your eye on the prize!!! 😉 

I recommend anyone who has the desire in starting a blog, creating a product, developing an E-book etc. Start with this course first.                   

Marketing Impact by Chalene Johnson totally opened up my eyes to the possibilities of making additional income online.  

The great part is if you don't have an idea ( but you know you want to be your own boss) she helps you figure out what you ARE an expert in and how to bring that skill/idea to life. You will also learn: brand & business foundation, product creation, social media marketing & content creation.

This course enrollment only opens up every 3 months. Fill out the form below and jump on the waiting list. You'll receive an email letting you know when open enrollment has begun.

Next Course on the list:

Elite Marketing Pro really dives in deep with attraction marketing. Definitely a course more geared towards the network marketer who's looking to generate more leads by building a lifestyle business. You'll learn strategies on how to advertise your business and connect with the right people, social media tools, how to use LinkedIn to build your business and so much more.

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