I Was DONE With Corporate America!!

I was working over 50 hours a week and hadn’t received a raise in over three years due to budget cuts. I was on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, a minimum of one week out of every month, meaning, I had the privilege of working at least one weekend each month.  Every Christmas brought the fear of layoffs (I still can’t figure out why my company would announce them around the end of November and action them before Christmas).   I had recently retired from military service where I was highly respected and sought after for leadership positions. My Corporate America boss would constantly tell us we didn’t need to work there! I volunteered through my church to help with the local Boy Scouts. I was never home!   At best I would get 6 days a month at home with my family.

My wife, Ami, stayed home and took care of our four kids and managed to keep the house immaculately clean, and has somehow  managed to keep her sanity.

We were struggling to make ends meet just like everyone else. We would live paycheck to paycheck, and even though I made good money, it never seemed to be enough. We knew something had to change, but we didn’t know what or how. Our situation was getting pretty desperate.

One day I got an instant message from a girl I hadn’t seen since I graduated from High School over 20 years ago, asking me for my number. As weird as that sounds I thought, “Well, I know you, so why not?” I did tell her, “You know I’m married right?”  She still teases me about that. The next thing I know, she is telling me about how she wants to show me a business.

Before we go any further into this story I had been involved in network marketing before and had no desire to do it again. Now back to the story.

So she wanted to show me a business opportunity. My first thought is, “Sure, come on up.” She lived 3 hours away, so I thought there was no way she would come up, but she did. As we sat down at lunch and she explained this business opportunity I knew right away I wanted in. I looked at it like if what she is telling me is true I’m going to be rich in no time.

Right away I enrolled some people and went to work. They all quit! So I found some more. They all quit! My sponsor and the other leaders in the business stuck by me and mentored me until I ran out of people I knew. I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. The problem is, once I start something and see the value in it I WILL NOT QUIT until I get where I want to be.

I started to read books, listen to audio books, attend every training I could, I tried to learn from anyone that had what I wanted. Finally after a lot of work,I discovered Attraction Marketing. Actually my friend, the one I mentioned before, found it and I had to pry the information out of her. She knew I was struggling so she didn’t want to overload me. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and learning online about Attraction Marketing. I had my wife reading and learning along side of me. It was an amazing concept that totally spoke to me. I had found a way to create value in the market that brings people to me. Yes! I said that! If you create value in the market people will come to you!!!

At first it was slow and there was a lot to learn about, since technology is ever changing. We still build the business the old fashioned way, however, by adding online, having people actually seek us out, lets us enjoy more freedom with our kids and creates the speed necessary to create personal momentum.

This adventure hasn’t been the quick success I first thought it would be, but in reality no business is ever truly an overnight success. It takes work and effort to get you where you want to go. What I have learned is, success loves speed. It is possible to create a thriving home business with a small investment of your time, but you first have to invest in yourself, attending training, working hard, being coachable and having good leaders and mentors is key.

Everyone that becomes an Entrepreneur has to make his or her own journey. That is mine in a nut shell. Yours will be different, that is one thing I am sure of. I look forward to being a small part of it. I will share with you what has worked and what is working now on my blog and inside the products I recommend as well.

Now I am home more, my business is thriving so my advice to you is Dive in now. Start today to achieve the life you have always dreamed about. Once you start DON’T look back, because behind you is already in the past. Look forward to a bright future. I wish you nothing but success and happiness in your journey.